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Code Enforcement & Safety

What We Do

Enforce the city code to maintain a safe and desirable community.

View our City Codebook to review any city code descriptions.

View our Zoning Book to review any zoning regulations.

Building Permit

Building Permit Application

Construction of a fence, porch, deck, up to 12 x 12 storage building - $25.00

Add room on to existing home - $50.00

Construction of a garage - $50.00

Build or move a home on to a lot - $150.00

Razing Permit - $5.00

Razing Permit Application - $5.00 

Curb & Guttering

Curb-Gutter Permit Application

Installing a Pool

If you are installing a pool you must have a 4 ft fence surrounding it. If there is direct access from your residence to the pool (no gate between) then you must install an alarm on your residence to notify those within that someone is exiting.

Animal Permits

Animal Permit Application

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Planning & Zoning