New Resident Information

Minneapolis is a dynamic and growing community. Located in America’s heartland by 2 intersecting interstate highways, travel to Minneapolis is easy. Highway 81 is our connecting link to our international neighbors to the north and south and passes within a mile of the city. Just 20 minutes to the south lies Interstate 70 and Salina, KS.

Historically, farming and agricultural related businesses have been the mainstay of this community. Also, numerous locally owned businesses and a healthy downtown business district provide consumer goods and services for families and visitors within the community.

With the continued success of our industrial sites and housing development, Minneapolis is a great place to call Home. Minneapolis is moving in the right direction. The future looks great with continued hard work and investment. So come for a visit and stay for a lifetime!
We have listed some general information and useful contact numbers for you on this page. If you have any questions please call us, 785-392-2176, or email.

Utility Services

Electric & Water Service

The City of Minneapolis supplies the electrical and water utilities. Please stop by the City offices, located at 218 North Rock Street, to sign up for service. City bills are due on the 20th of the month.

Gas Service

  • Kansas Gas Service 800-794-4780

Cable/Satellite providers

  • Eagle Communications 877-625-9901
  • Dish Network 800-722-7500
  • Direct TV 800-850-0768

Phone Service

  • AT&T 800-464-7928
  • Eagle Communications 877-625-9901

Internet Providers

  • AT&T 866-861-6075
  • Eagle Communications 877-625-9901
  • NCKCN 800-738-2218

Other Information

Dogs and Cats

There is a leash law for dogs but not for cats. You do need to purchase tags for both. They must be purchased at City hall within 30 days after moving into Minneapolis. You will need a current rabies vaccination certificate for each animal with you. Please inform us of your dogs breed as there are restrictions on certain breeds of dogs within the city limits.

Building Permits

A permit is required when adding to the original structure or adding a permanent structure. Please check with the City Building Inspector  prior to any construction.


The county collects a per utility account fee for the use of the landfill, listed on the bill as RF. Refuse pickup is not included in that charge and is done by Minneapolis Refuse and they may be contacted at 785-392-2564.


Burning is permitted if its in a proper container with a cover that will not emit sparks. Burning does not include garbage such as food, etc.


The City has a weed and grass ordinance stating that weeds and grasses should not exceed 12 inches in height.

Compost Pile

The City has a compost pile, which may be used for grass clippings only. There is also a limb pile for residents to place small limbs and branches.

Zoning Laws

Before starting an in-home business please contact the City compliance officer to ensure that it meets the zoning requirements.